AppV 5.1 Publishing Server not detecting new apps



When I add a package to the App-V Management console, it successfully adds and appears as published. (Green Box)


However, the AppV client doesn’t see any new package. No packages are added to the client when I  run  “Sync-AppvPublishingServer”. If you open the publishing server URL “http://PUBSERVERURL:PORT”, the XML file is empty, showing no published applications.

When i delete PublishingMetadata.xml “%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Server\Management” and “%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Server\Publishing”  and reset IIS (IISRESET) all packages appear as you would expect.

However, if I add/remove a package , the same problem happens again. Even after reseting IIS which should refresh the apps available, there is still no change in the packages my clients receives until I delete “PublishingMetadata.xml”‘s files and reset iis.

Open SQL Management Studio , select the “AppVManagement”(or name which it was created) Database.

Type – Select * from dbo.configuration, if the table is empty this is the cause of the issue.



Open SQL Management Studio , select the “AppVManagement”(or name which it was created) Database.

Open New Query , ensuring “AppVManagement” DB is select.


INSERT INTO Configuration VALUES (‘PublishingSequenceNumber’, ‘0’)

and Run the query /F5.

Run IISRESET on each publishing server and new package now will when added within the publishing server refresh schedule time period.


Although the above is contained in the updatetables.sql which is part of the Appv SQL Scripts, it appears to have not taken effect or applied properly even though no errors appeared when running it orginally.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, David. Unfortunately did not seem to work on my setup – Windows Server 2019, App-V 5.1 with latest patches. Very bizarre but will try to share here once I figure out what’s going on.
    The xml files in “%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Server\Management” and “%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Server\Publishing” show the packages listed, however visiting the publishing server on the browser displays an empty xml, ”

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