Mapping Network Drive to OneDrive for Business & Windows Server 2016

First off, All credit goes to Jos Lieben for the developing the script that this article is based on. We have used v2.53 during this article/lab testing.

For testing in this Article Lab environment i will be using the following:

  • My Office 365 small business subscription
  • Use prompt username/password for mapping (although ADFS/Azure AD Joined Windows) option within script
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard (Desktop Experience), with XenApp 7.12
  • Citrix Profile Manager for roadming profiles

Preparing Windows Server 2016 for Script

Out of the box, windows 2016 does not have WebDav Redirector enabled which is required for the script to run successfully.

Step 1: Enable WebDAV Redirctor

Server Manager / Manage / Add Roles & Feature / Next (4 times until Features appears)


NOTE: A reboot of the server will be required.

Step 2: Ensure WebDAV client file locking is disbaled


Change DWORD

VALUE NAME: SupportLocking

VALUE DATA 0 (0 disabled the file locking)

Step 3: Adding O365 URL’s to trusted sites

  • *
  • [tenantname]
  • [tenantname]

This will be done by the OneDriveMapper Script, but can be added to GPO and detailed here for that purpose.

Step 4: Ensure IE Protectmode is disabled in Trusted Sites.

Untick Enable Protected Mode, as per below image


Step 5: Disable OneDrive In-built Application in Windows Server 2016

As the script is mapping a Nework Drive we want to hide all other options to OneDrive in Windows. This setting will remove it from Windows Explorer

COMPUTER – Administrative Templates\Windows Components\OneDrive – Enabled Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage.


Step 5: Disable OneDrive Options in Office 2016

By default , Office has OneDrive Option during Save/Save As which is linked to the Desktop Application. As the script is mapping a Nework Drive we want to hide all other options to OneDrive in Office


USER – Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016\Miscellaneous – Disable Show OneDrive Sign In


Option is office is now gone within Office.


Preparing the script

Line104 – Changed $Domain to “WILKYIT.COM” – My domain name in Office365

Line105 – Changed $driveletter to “H:” – My preference homedrive letter

Line108 – Changed $drivelabel to “OneDrive – Personal” – My preference homedrive letter

Line109 – Changed $O365customername to “Wilky” – My Office365 organisational name

Line115  – Changed $UserlookupMode to “4” – Prompt for Username/password

Line113 – Changed $showConsoleOutput to “false” – hide any powershell output (info/errors)

Line114 – Changed $showElevatedConsole to “false” – hide any console from end user

Line138 – Changed $versionCheck  to “false” – stop checking if script is the latest version

Add OneDriveMapper Script to Log on Script/GPO

USER Windows Settings\Scripts\Logon – Copy  Powershell Login Script worked on above to the “show files” section of Logon Script and Add the OneDriveMapper_v2.53.ps1 so that it runs on logon.


Login to test OneDriveMapper

Step1: After Desktop shows during login, the bottom right will start the below (when it disappears this means script has completed successfully)


Step 2: After a short period,the username and then the password prompted will be presented


NOTE: This appears as we have chosen 4 in $UserLookupMode, ADFS can be used to authentication without user intervention.

Step 3: Opening File Explorer will now show the H:\ drive mapping to OneDrive for Business.


Step 4: Logging Off, back on again re-runs the script but as it has been run before the username/password and cookie for website have all been saved in profile and run’s within 10-15 seconds.

LIMITATION : – A WebDAV mapped drive’s capacity is set to match the client machine’s System drive capacity. This means that the capacity you get from a WebDAV mapped drive is the same as your local System drive. System drive is where Windows is installed.



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the article. Had found the script but was struggling to make it work. This article was able to point me in the right direction.

  2. Hello,

    There are issues while running the script from Applayering MCS VDA machines Getting below mentioned error. I have WEBDAV enabled and they are running fine. Same script works fine from persistent VDA

    02/26/2019 08:43:03 | ERROR | failed to contact o: after mapping it to \\\DavWWWRoot\personal\username\Documents, check if the URL is valid. Error:
    The network name cannot be found.

    System error 67 has occurred.
    The network name cannot be found.

    Any thoughts ?

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