Citrix ADC – Ports/Connection Overview

The following diagram and steps give an overview of the connection process , ports required and the various Netscaler IP’s used in the process.



Connection Steps:

  1. The user points the browser to ie.
  2. NetScaler Gateway retrieves the logon page and display it to the users browser (VIP Address of the Netscaler Gatewat)
  3. User enters credentials into the Login Page and clicks log in (Authentication via LDAP)
  4. NetScaler Gateway forwards the HTTP-POST credentials to StoreFront
  5. Storefront takes the credentials and negotiates with the XML Service.
  6. The XML Service returns the list of applications to the Storefront page.
  7. Storefront constructs the appropriate page and responds to NetScaler Gateway
  8. NetScaler Gateway forwards the HTTP-POST credentials to Storefront.
  9. NetScaler Gateway returns the resultant page to the user.
  10. The user clicks an application, and launches the Citrix Receiver
  11. NetScaler Gateway receives an STA ticket from the Citrix Receiver to validate.
  12. NetScaler Gateway presents the STA ticket to the STA server.
  13. If the STA authorizes the ticket, NetScaler Gateway consults the ICA Access Control List (ACL) to validate whether the incoming ICA connection conforms with the listed ACLs
  14. Session is Launched & Application/Desktop Accessible


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