AppSense/Ivanti Desktop Now – Support for Windows Server 2016 announced!

As of January 11th 2017, AppSense/Ivanti DesktopNow released 10.1 which includes support for Windows Server 2016 – Desktop Experience

Key features included in the latest DesktopNow release include:

  • New risk reduction resources: Admins now can block PowerShell scripts and Java archives from untrusted sources.
  • Additional granular controls: Admins now have increased control for improved security, more precise personalization and a better user experience, including clearer and easier auditing and expanded coverage of file types for user self-elevation of applications.
  • Comprehensive file verification: Admins can determine authenticity of executables with a full runtime check of the file signature and certificate revocation.
  • Windows Server 2016 Support. In addition, AppSense DesktopNow has been Citrix Ready Verified for XenApp on Windows Server 2016:
  • Future-Proof End User Implementations. DesktopNow allows Windows 10 in-place upgrades for reduced user disruption. It also offers enhanced Windows Store App (UWP) application control with the ability to block or allow applications based on the application publisher.

See the below press release.

This is great news for existing AppSense/Ivanti customers waiting to delivery a Windows 10 experience on XenApp who are heavily useĀ Appsense Desktopnow.

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