Cloudhouse Containers – a first look

ClousHouse Containers Overview:


Containers include the App Redirection Engine which provides application compatibility and redirections to enable the containers to overcome the hard-coded dependencies detected during packaging so that apps can run natively on supported Citrix/Windows platforms. Deployment Workflow provides management of runtimes required for the target operating system, configuration state and the layering of configuration information provided by Custom Fields on to the container so that applications can be successfully migrated to the new platforms.


App Redirection Engine includes:

  • File and registry re-direction;
  • Environment variable re-direction;
  • Network Name/Port/IP/ URL re-direction;
  • Process redirection (mutex/semaphores);
  • Selective isolation;

Deployment Workflow can apply:

  • Application configuration e.g. what database to connect to, URL for web apps;
  • Required runtimes e.g. .Net, Java
  • Manage IE Enterprise /Compatibility Mode


I am very keen to see this product in action, a first overview and read is very promising and could address someĀ gaps especially around Internet Explorer where virutalising with App-V is not possible.

The layering technology used by Cloudhouse containers could be the missing product that is the nirvana application virtualization.
Further blog to follow once i get my hands on the product either through trial/experience working

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