Citrix Gateway licensing

This is always a frequent question i get asked, do you need to license the Netscaler for additional XenApp/XenDesktop Users?

Below taken from Access Gateway Licensing Mismystified Citrix Blog.

License Types

Access Gateway is licensed at two levels:

  • Platform License
  • Universal License

Platform Licenses

Every Access Gateway (VPX/MPX) comes with a Platform license, which enables all the basic functionality in Netscaler Access Gateway. After purchasing an appliance, this license is automatically made available in your MyCitrix account, and can be easily downloaded and installed on your appliance.

Platform licenses can be used to provide seamless access to:

  • ICAProxy access to XenApp / XenDesktop, using Web Interface
  • ICAProxy access to XenApp / XenDesktop, using Storefront (CloudGateway Express)

SmartAccess is not considered basic functionality, therefore a universal license will be required to enable this functionality.

This means that you can have unlimited number of ICAProxy(or at limit of hardware) Users connect via Netscaler Access Gateway to access XenApp/XenDesktop. 

Universal Licenses

Universal Licenses are used to enable additional/advanced functionality on access gateway appliances. These are add-on licenses and work along with the Platform licenses to provide seamless access to your Citrix deployments. Universal licenses are purchased separately from the appliance, and can be installed in the same manner as the platform license.

Universal licenses can be used to turn on the following advanced functionalities:

  • End Point Analysis
  • Smart Access to XenApp/XenDesktop
  • CVPN – Clientless access to internal web resources
  • Full Tunnel (SSL VPN)
  • MDX Micro VPN

Universal Licenses are required to support the following Citrix deployments:

  • ICAProxy access to XenApp / XenDesktop with Smart Access (both Web Interface and Storefront)
  • CloudGateway Enterprise Mobility (AppController)
  • CloudGateway Enterprise (AppController + Storefront)

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