Citrix Cloud – Customise Published Application/Desktop Icons using powershell

The following article cover the steps required to change the default application icon assignment in Citrix Studio when use Citrix Cloud.  As with anything Citrix Cloud there are some slight changes compared to a traditional non-cloud deployment.

Existing Published Application Assignment

With Citrix Cloud, application icons are either the defined “applicaition.exe” ico or a set of pre-set icon like below.


Before we do anything we will check the existing icon assignment of word 2016 as an example of published applications.

As you can see the default word icon has been assigned:-

  • Studio


  • Storefront


Obtain Image and Convert to ICO file

You’ll need to find an image you like to convert into an ICO for Word 2016 , IcoConverter ( can be used do this (ensure 256 pixel is chosen).

The below is what i have selected and .ico file is downloaded after converter has been run. I then place this on the root of my PC “C:\favion.ico”


Run Powershell script using Remote SDK & Cloud API

To change the icon to a customised icon, the following can be completed by using the Remote SDK and Cloud API. The below is very similar to how it is done in on-premise

Step 1: Load the Citrix Powershell Plugin and authenticate to citrix cloud using the Cloud API

Asnp Citrix*
Get-XDAuthentication –ProfileName “CloudAdmin”

NOTE: CloudAdmin is an existing credential profile setup to allow Cloud API connectivity from Powershell.

Otherwise your need to authenticate to Citrix Cloud manually.


Step 2: Run the following powershell

$icon=Get-BrokerIcon -FileName "C:\favicon.ico" |New-BrokerIcon | Select-Object Uid
Get-BrokerApplication -name "Word 2016" | Set-BrokerApplication -IconUid $icon.Uid
  • -Filename = location on PC of the ico file “C:\favicon.ico”
  • -Name = Published Application Name “Word 2016”

You will not get any confirmation of success but no error message indicates it has been successful.

This is very similar to an on-premise deployment of changing an icon using powershell.

Reviewing icon assignment after change has been completed

Reviewing Citrix Studio, the icon has been updated now.

  • Studio


  • Storefront



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