Citrix Workspace Environment Management 4.2 -Management Console Overview

The following console (upon successful installation as per article Installing & Configuring Citrix Workspace Environment Manager ) will allow you to start configuring WEM.


Here is an overview of the various tabs available in the Administration Console

Actions Tab:

  • Applications – Applicaiton Shortcuts
  • Printers – Map Network Printers
  • Network Drives – Map Netwok Drives
  • Virtual Drives – Map Virtual Drive
  • Registry Entries – Set/Create/Delete Registry entries
  • Environment Variable – Set Environment variable
  • Ports – Map Client Port (i.e LPT1, COM etc)
  • INI file – Cretaion/Modify INI file
  • External Tasks – VBS/CMD scripts execution
  • File System Operation – Create/Copy/Move/ Delete File/Folder operations
  • User DSN – Creation of DSN
  • File Association – Creation of file association

Filters Tab:

Conditions are specific triggers which allow you to configure the circumstances under which the Agent Host acts to assign a resource to a user

See WEM 4.2 documentation  Appendix E for Filter Conditions

Assignments Tab:

The following needs to be configured in order to crate action assignments

  1. Configure users
  2. Define conditions
  3. Define filter rules
  4. Configure actions

This allow Users/Groups to be assigned actions created within Action Tab.

System Optimisation Tab:

  • Fast Logoff – Allows session to log off quickly as logoff tasks continue to run
  • CPU Management (CPU Affinity/Clamping/Priority/Spike protection etc)
  • Memory Management (Working set optimisation, excluded process etc)
  • IO Management – I/O Priority for a specific process
  • Process Management (Black/Whitelist,exlucde admins, specify groups)

Policies & Profiles Tab:

  • Environmental Setting (OS customisations such as hiding shutdown, disable command prompts etc)
  • Enabling/Configuring Microsoft UV/Citrix UPM/VMware Persona

Configure Users Tab:

  • Defining the Users/Groups within Microsoft Active Directory

Transformer Settings Tab:

  • Transformer is a feature that turns any Windows PC-type machine in to a thin-client acting device by enabling thin-client mode

Advanced Settings Tab:

  • Cleanup Actions/Agent Options/Reconnect Options/Advanced Processing etc
  • UI Customisation – Splahsreen
    • Helpdesk Info options
    • Power Saving settings

Administration Settings Tab:

  • Manage Administrators
  • List Users
  • List Agents
  • View Admin log on Server

Monitoring Tab:

  • Daily Reports on Logon time
  • User Trend reports

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