Citrix WEM vs AppSense Features

The following is an analysis of the feature set of AppSense & Citrix WEM


Citrix WEM AppSense
Personalization UPM (User Profile Management) EM Personalization
Policy Actions/Filters

Computer – N/A

User – Login/Logoff

EM Policy

Computer – Startup/Shutdown

User – Login/Logoff

Security/Compliance System Optimisation (Process Management) Application Manager (AM)
Performance System Optimisation (CPU,Memory, IO Management) Performance Manager (PM)

As i continue more analysis , i will update the article reviewing each section with pro’s/Con’s for each product.


Generally Citrix is reliant on file servers to contain the profile which can limit the flexibility and enterprise scale-ability of UPM , Appsense utilises and on-demand technology web server technology to deliver personalization to the user/application.

To me it is down to scale to which it needs to be expanded and the cost required to get the added benefits appsense currently bring.


Ivanti(AppSense) has a number of advantages over WEM in relation to

  • Addition of folder path for exclusions for blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Trusted Publisher for blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Execution of application as privilege users (i.e installation of active x)

WEM based on what can be done seems to be a entry-level/small-medium size solution but not enterprise ready in its current form (WEM 4.2). But it all depends on if the additional effort required to blacklist


  1. We are just looking how we can supersede AppSense AM by WEM. With AppSense AM we actually blacklist specific path’s and URLs under certain conditions. In WEM I did not find this feature so far. Or have I overlooked something?

    1. It is only possible to do it on a per process basis (i.e app.exe) not folder structure. To me there is still Gaps in what WEM can delivery vs AppSense.

      Essentially it is delivering application blocking but would require manually adding .EXE which would involved more effort to replicate what was previously in Appsense AM.

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