OneDrive Files on Demand feature announced on Windows 10 update later in the year

Detailed further in this Office blog article: –

This has been what we have been waiting for by Microsoft but unfortunately it is is not known if this will be made available for Windows Server 2016 at this stage,i guess only time will tell in the next month or two.

Early points from a VDI perspective (and will apply to RDS if it is made available)

  • Accessing files will launch on-demand(subject to latency/bandwidth) and keep the file cache i assume on the profile
  • Local Storage solution required to maintain the cache per user unless it is deemed acceptable for user experience to be re-download per session.

I think at least they are on right path here, but i am not sure it will deliver the silver bullet we have all been expecting.

Clever folder redirection solutions like FSLogix (FSLogix Office365 Containers to the rescue! ) will still need to form part of a true Office 365 deployment that delivers performance and good user experience.


UPDATE 13/06/2017: OneDrive files on demand available for windows insiders –



    1. It will if your running windows 10 1703 on VDI’s. nothing has been updated on server 2016 to support files on demand as yet. Which is very disappointing

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