FSLogix – Cloud Cache “CCD” Overview

There has been excitement within the EUC community after the announcement during VirtualExpo on March 23rd 2018 (by Gabe Knuth) of the new technology that FSLogix has codenamed “CCD”.

CCD has been a culmination of thousands of engineering hours, as well as input from a number of key industry players with its primary objective is provide uninterrupted access to your data.

What is Cloud Cache?

Cloud Cache is a technology that allows Profile & Office Container data to be stored in multiple locations at once including Local Device , traditional SMB shares on-premises and public cloud storage providers to enable storage continuity . Continuity to data has been the primary reason for developing cloud cache and with many organisations developing/planning a DaaS/Public Cloud deployment in their workplace environments it has never been more important that data access is consistent no matter where it has been provided (Public Cloud ,Private On-premises or Hybrid).



NOTE: Cloud Storage providers shown above are examples and are subject to support being added for each location after the tech preview.

Having a local cache on the device will ensure that the local network and storage utilisation is reduced from your on-premises storage and more importantly for Cloud storage which has cost attributed to I/O on-top of the GB requirement. The local cache will act as the buffer to applications such as OneDrive which will be affected by even a brief outage.



Multiple locations can be selected that will allow for an automated fail-over in the event of outage/disconnection(this config will be controlled via registry). Upon re-connection to the selected primary location will be re-sync’d with the local cache and other locations which have been selected.

What environments does Cloud Cache support?

Cloud Cache is supported in the following environments

  • Physical
  • RDSH
  • VDI
  • DaaS

What are the Benefits of the Technology?

  1. Storage Continuity , Ensuring access to data is available (local or cloud) to ensure there is no impact to applications and allowing data to be accessed
  2. VHD Backup – Additional locations can be taken offline ensuring VHD’s can be backed up without having to deal with Locked VHD’s.
  3. DR/BC – Additional locations can act as DR/Business Continuity sites allowing up-to-date replication of data to be available
  4. Local Cache will absorb the disk I/O allowing the cloud storage costs to be reduced.

What is expected on tech preview?

Cloud Cache will support SMB shares with a local cache on the device initially  during the tech preview which is due end of May..It is planned to introduce cloud providers at a later stage (such as Azure, Amazon and others) but which ones will be very much based on demand from customers/partners.

What is included if your an existing Profile/O365 container customer?

It is expected that Cloud Cache with Local Cache & 1 storage location will be included in existing licenses with additional location subject to additional cost.

NOTE: This is subject to change and subject to final confirmation by FSLogix so please contact your local FSLogix Sales person. I’ll post final confirmation once available.


This article provides a high level overview of the technology and L’ll create further blog posts once I have had a chance to get my hands on the trial. In the meantime, there will be a webinar hosted by Gabe Knuth and Kevin Goodman at XenAppBlog (Trond E Haavarstein), i fully recommend everyone to sign up to get a more in-depth view. Below the  link to register for that webinar



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